10 Reasons Jesus was the Ultimate Man: No. 4


My wife and I have different approaches to sleep. This wasn’t something that we discussed in advance when we got engaged, it wasn’t something that featured in our marriage preparations, perhaps assumptions were made on either side that we would both take a similar line when it’s time for rest, but that wasn’t to be the case.

She is a light sleeper, and I am not so much. She is also a relatively quiet sleeper, and again me not so much. In defence of my sometimes inconsiderate sleeping habits, I like to think that the inability of loud noises and on occasion fire alarms to wake me displays a certain level of peace and contentedness. There is perhaps something of a caricature of rugged manliness about sleeping any old where, snoring and farting away while the cares of the world pass you by.

I don’t really like annoying my wife when she’s trying to sleep, but I do sometimes appreciate the ability to doze when the immediate circumstances are conspiring to try and stop me. All that being said, if my family and I are in genuine danger, I think I’d rather be awake. In Matthew 8:23-27, Jesus and his followers are crossing the Sea of Galilee in a fairly small boat, and a storm blows up. Some of these guys were professional fishermen before becoming his disciples – they’ve spent most of their lives on these waters, and it’s enough of a storm that they’re panicked. The wind is howling, the waves are crashing, the boat is rocking, the disciples are becoming seriously concerned that they won’t come through this one, and Jesus curled up having a nap. You’re going to need some bigger waves if you want to ruffle this guy.

They wake him up, and rather than eyes widening in understanding and alarm, he essentially rolls his eyes at the others, criticises their lack of faith, then calmly looks out over the rolling storm and tells it to hush. And like a scolded child, the wind and the water settles down and sits there very quietly so as not to get into any more trouble.

Jesus can sleep in the storm because even the elements themselves recognise who he is. The ultimate man – he was there in the beginning, when God spoke the universe into being. Hebrews 1:3 says that he upholds the universe by the word of his power – even while he’s fast asleep in the prow of a boat. You will never meet anyone else like him – but you can meet him. The Bible tells us of the God who loved us so dearly that he would send his only son to rescue us from ourselves, from the penalty for our sin. The son who died and rose again, and who will gladly make his home in your heart if you give your life to him. Here is the ultimate man – who else are you waiting for?


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