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Here are some of the books I’ve worked on, mixing illustration and poetry inspired by the bible to both share and teach the faith:

‘The Night that Jesus Christ was Born’ is a beautifully told story of the wonder and glory of Christmas for children and adults. Click through to find out more and order a copy.

From creation to the cross and on to the conclusion of all things – ‘He Was and Is and Is to Come’ is a fully illustrated poem, and a powerful declaration of who Jesus is and all that he does, for all ages. Find out more about the book and animation and buy your own copy here.

‘When Two Become One’ is an encouragement to anyone who is married – a fully illustrated poem celebrating the difference Jesus Christ makes when he is at the heart of a marriage. Click here to find out more and buy a copy

‘The King Who Will Fight For You’ is a children’s book for anyone who’s scared or worried. Through the stories of Saul, David, and Jesus, come and find out about the king who can take away your fears.

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