10 Reasons Jesus was the Ultimate Man: No. 7

Jesus, like the maniliest of men, loved a good barbecue

Hot on the heels of Jesus’ well established love of the outdoors, it should come as no surprise that he was an enthusiast of the outdoorsiest method of cooking there is: the campfire barbecue. As just one example among doubtless many others, John 21:1-14 sets the stage for a classic cookout – good friends enjoying food and conversation around the warming glow.

Jesus has recently risen from the grave, and he’s naturally a busy man with a lot on his plate – but he’s not too busy to take a morning and spend some time with his friends. Peter is still choked with guilt, having denied he even knew him at the time of Jesus’ arrest and crucifiction (John 18:15-27). Jesus takes the opportunity to offer love and forgiveness to his beloved friend – setting him free from his recent failure and giving him a fresh commission. Because he’s a real man, Jesus is unafraid to express himself openly, to address painful topics and help his friends to find healing. He makes time for those he loves, he gives rest to the weary, and he doesn’t burn the food.