10 Reasons Jesus was the Ultimate Man: No. 6

Jesus never asked for directions

Things start getting seriously manly here at number 6. As everybody knows, real men don’t need to ask for directions. It’s not that it can feel awkward at times to stop a stranger and ask the way, and it’s not that their pride is somehow wounded by admitting that they are lost. It’s that real men always know exactly where they are, at all times, and exactly how to get where they intend to go. It may be that you were hoping for a more direct route, well I’m sorry but we’ve chosen to take a scenic detour. Is he stuck at a crossroads with a puzzled look on his face? He’s probably just thinking about something very masculine and thought provoking, because he most certainly is not lost.

Jesus takes it to the next level. The scriptures do not record Jesus asking for directions. He knows all the best shortcuts. More than just physical geography however, Jesus claimed a level of navigational mastery that eludes even the very beefiest of gents: he knows the way to the Father. See John 14:1-6, where he comforts his followers that he alone can navigate the path home to our maker, the God of perfect love. Not alone does he know the way – he is the way. If you’re looking for directions to Heaven, to forgiveness, to acceptance and adoption by your Heavenly father – there’s honestly only man to ask.