To us a son is given!


I have a son!

We’ve got a nearly two year old daughter, who we have had for… nearly two years… and on Saturday our son Luke was born. Very excited, tired, happy and tired. Luckily we had about nine months notice of this particular event, so I was able to draw a couple of strips in advance.

This first one was a gamble – I didn’t actually know in advance whether our baby would do the normal baby thing of refusing his parents sleep, or if he would sleep through like a grown up. Turns out there was little cause for worry on that score.

I don’t know why, but I’ve drawn this with the light on in what is actually my daughter’s room upstairs, whereas actually my wife, baby and I are all holed up in the downstairs guest room for the next few weeks. I knew this would be the case and still I went ahead and drew something intentionally misleading! I’m not sorry. Artistic licence y’all.

If you want to support my particular kind of high end artistic stuff and/or help us pay for nappies, I’ve got this lovely design up for sale as a t shirt or jumper at cotton bureau for the next 13 days:

God bless