No Other Name But Jesus – Acts 4:12 Illustrated

No other name but Jesus - an illustration by Anchor Lines, a Christian Webcomic

Just as a quick disclamer, I’m aware that someone who died in the BC period is a little unlikely to have known how many years they lived before the birth of Christ – and also that many of these individuals have distinct and well known graves, or no grave at all. The point remains – men and women come and go, and many make claims to godhood, to enlightenment, to the true path to salvation – but only in Jesus’ case were those claims backed up by the man proving himself to be the master over death.

If you’re in need of a lawyer, you look for one with a proven track record. If you’re after a guide for a long journey, you seek one with experience, who knows the way. If you want to know the path to life after death you’d best put your faith in the only one who has actually proved that he knows what he’s talking about.

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