Isaiah 40 Illustrated – With whom will you compare God? Part 1

Isaiah 40 illustrated - by Anchor Lines, a Christian Webcomic

This is part one of three running through chapter 40 of Isaiah.

Isaiah is a book which records a little bit of history, along with a number of prophecies given to the people of Israel around 7-800 BC. In particular it deals with a period of Jewish history known as the exile. Over a long period God had repeatedly warned his people that if they did not follow the laws he had given them, he would remove them from the promised land he had brought them to over 500 years earlier. Isaiah was tasked with delivering a final warning, one which God knew would be ignored.

But far more than just warning, Isaiah also looks beyond the exile, and in chapter 40 the tone shifts. Having set out Israel’s coming judgement, God begins to speak hope to his people, and in doing so gives a sweeping view of just who it is that has set his heart on them. I was inspired to try and illustrate some of it, but a picture can never truly do God justice. I hope this helps point in at least a small way to how great and wise and incomparable a God we have.

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