Finding God – CS Lewis Illustrated

Finding God - illustrated CS Lewis quote by A beautifully illustrated version of Isaiah 40 in 3 parts, bringing vivid imagery to life - who can compare to God? By Anchor Lines, a Christian Webcomic

The quote above is from CS Lewis’ Miracles – and meant as a cry against the widespread view of God as some impersonal force. Not the active and involved king of the universe, but simply a higher power to be called on when it suits us. Earlier in the same segment he writes that such a god,

‘does nothing, demands nothing. He is there if you wish for Him, like a book on a shelf. He will not pursue you. There is no danger that at any time heaven and earth should flee away at His glance

The message of the Bible is quite the opposite. He is the one who walks into the first disciples’ lives and calls them away from their nets. He is the one who appears to John in Revelation, a vision that would so overawe him as to knock him out cold. He is the one who was dying for our sins, long before we knew there was a problem. He is the one who stands at the door and knocks. It is up to us to answer, but know that opening that door is not a matter of welcoming him in to take advantage of the periodic benefits of his company. Opening that door means


As a side note – it’s ended up a little too small to read, but I wasn’t sure exactly what sort of information you would find on a submarine’s monitors. I went with the most likely option in the end, so most of the text on the monitors is the lyrics to ‘Under the Sea’ from Disney’s The Little Mermaid.