Esther 9:1 Illustrated – The God Who Turns the Tables


This comic is adapted from some illustrations I put together for a recent preach on the book of Esther – the last in a short three part Summer series our church has been doing. The first looked at the overall story of the book along with God’s providence, even when he is working behind the scenes – or perhaps seeming to be doing nothing at all. The second looked at the character of Esther and Mordecai, two of the central characters in the book, and the preach I did looked at how God turns the tables.  In particular, how do we respond when things seem to be going against us, and God has apparently not yet intervened.

If you would like to listen to any of the talks, you can find them on the website for King’s Community Church.

Also, I read an excellent book on Esther while preparing – Esther – by Charles Swindoll. Insightful commentary on the story of Esther, and some great application for a modern audience – thought provoking and challenging in a number of areas, it’s well worth your time.

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