Take Heart! John 16:33

I have overcome the world - an illustration by Anchor Lines, a Christian Webcomic

This short passage is one of my favourite verses in the Bible. It comes at the end of Jesus’ conversation with his disciples – his closest worldly friends – before he is taken away and arrested, leading to the events of his execution and resurrection.

Knowing that the days were coming when he would be put to death, and the disciples’ faith severely tested, his first thought is not to look out for himself, but to reassure and encourage his followers. The days between Jesus’ death and resurrection must have been incredibly hard for those closest to him – wondering if it had all been too good to be true, meeting and praying together and holding fast to all that Jesus had taught and shown them. Days that concluded in overjoyed celebration as Jesus returned to life – his resurrection the guarantee that he has overcome death – and that when he promises that he will overcome it on our behalf, he knows what he is talking about!

Following his ascension back to Heaven, life was not all roses for the disciples. It isn’t all roses for any of us. But in spite of whatever life throws our way – poverty, pain, persecution and all the rest – we can still find peace in Jesus. We are loved with an everlasting love by the creator of all the universe. We have the ear of the king of kings, and a home in Heaven waiting when our time on Earth is done. In the world you will most certainly have trouble, but take heart friend: He has overcome the world.

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