He Was and Is and Is to Come

He Was and Is and Is to Come is a poem about Jesus, written by Stefan Liston and illustrated by Dan Jones. It is available as a full colour illustrated book, and as a video featuring Stefan’s voice-over, subtle animation and an original musical score. You can watch the full video below – if you’d like to buy a download version of the video to use in a church or public setting, you can find out more further down the page. 

Use the links below to buy a copy of the book, order the DVD, and donate to help support future projects. You can also buy the poem and original score as an album through this link. Andy Kyte and the team at Rawr Like a Lion Records have done a superb job composing and recording the music and it’s well worth a listen.

The full video is a moving and engaging way to share the gospel, whether in a church meeting or with a small group of friends. If you are planning on using the video in a church meeting or other open public setting, we suggest a donation of £10 per public screening to enable us to continue producing high quality content. You can make a donation through this link.

Quotes and Reviews:

“The poem in this great new illustrated book is a highly original piece of work, full of inspiring lyrics for the heart and deep thoughts for the head.” Matt Redman – Grammy winning Worship Leader and Author

“This glorious poem will stir your imagination, taking you on a journey you would never have taken, filling your heart with thanksgiving and worship.” Terry Virgo, Founder of New Frontiers

“This creative, dynamic and passionate retelling of the biblical story is a wonderful resource for young and old alike. Highly recommended.” Andrew Wilson – Elder at King’s Church, Eastbourne and Author at ThinkTheology.co.uk

“Poetry has the power to reach places that prose can never touch. Stef is an outstanding poet with a message that will change the way you see the world. Buy this book. Then buy more copies for your friends.” Phil Moore – Elder at Everyday Church, London, and Author

“An incredible book. Beautifully written and illustrated. Insightful, accessible, and deeply moving.” – Chris, on Amazon

“Gorgeous book. Beautifully told and illustrated. Pictorial highlight for me is all the angels standing in a dead straight row in the Bethlehem skies… Buying more copies for Christmas presents because I already sent mine off as a gift. Suitable for anyone and everyone. The gospel giftwrapped!” – Becki, on Amazon