The Light of the World

The light of life

John 8:12 Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

Even a little light overcomes the darkness.

Darkness is an absence – it reigns where the light doesn’t shine – but even a single match in the deepest cave will drive it back. Darkness can only persist while the light is absent, and there is absolutely nothing it can do to extinguish the light when it appears.

Without Jesus I would absolutely be in the dark right now. Uncertain about my future, fearful for my children, distraught over the tragedy of death, and incapable of seeing how any of it can be made up for. But much more than the immediate pain, fear and loss, I would have no certainty about life after death, no certainty as to where Ali is now, and no certain consolation to offer my kids. Without him the world would feel very dark, and I honestly don’t know what the light at the end of the tunnel would be.

But Jesus is the light of life to me, and to my family.

He is the light at the end of the tunnel, the promise of a certain hope in Heaven and of a day when there will be no more tears and no more death, when he returns to make all things new. He is the bright light of hope for Ali, that she has not lost out by ending her race early, but that she has gained all by following Jesus to the very end of the road. He’s the rising sun who tells us that those who love him are never lost, that we will be reunited one day in glory.

Jesus is the light to my feet, teaching me to walk with courage, honesty and faith through the valley. He’s the one who shines a light into my heart to show me that there is a way through, that there is still such joy to be found in him and in his kingdom. When I look into the world and see darkness – evil at work, death and injustice, he’s the light that shines into it, who drives the darkness back, who can never be put out. And we who walk with him carry his light with us so that others might feel its warmth and glow as well.

If you’ve never been in the light, it’s an alien and uncomfortable thing. You may fear its heat, it may blind you to begin with. Perhaps you’re comfortable in the dark – who knows what ugliness the light might expose when it falls across your life? But Jesus is not the light of death. He isn’t the light of condemnation, or criticism. He isn’t the light of pain or shame or guilt. He isn’t the light of hypocritical religion. He is the light of LIFE. On the cross he willingly gave up his life and took on all of our darkness, so that through his death and resurrection the darkness could be driven back and his light and life could pour out into the world, and into your life, to give eternal life to you.

Come to Jesus and you need never walk in darkness again. Come to him and find the light of life.