Psalm 122: I was glad when they said to me…

I was glad when they said to me...

We’re on the move! My wife and I have been a part of King’s Community Church Norwich for many years, but have recently felt God leading us to move to Great Yarmouth and be a part of Kingsgate Community Church. They’re both part of the same family of churches, Relational Mission

We’re convinced that God is on the move in Great Yarmouth, and we’re excited to be a part of his church, taking part in his plans. Essentially it’s what God always does – loves people extravagantly, cares for the poor, the marginalised and forgotten, heals the sick, drives out the darkness, and saves us from our sins through his son Jesus.

I was privileged to speak this Sunday just gone on Psalm 122, as part of a series looking at the church as pilgrims, following Jesus as we make our way through this life to our true home. The Psalm speaks about rejoicing – being glad that we’re a part of something greater than ourselves. For the Israelites, Jerusalem meant more than just territory – it was the basis for their identity – where the dwelling place of God was, where their king was, where they belonged, and where true purpose in life was found as the people of God.

For us – followers of Jesus, citizens of the ‘Jerusalem above’ (Galatians 4:26-27) we are glad to belong to this heavenly city. Glad to be a part of the church – where God has come to dwell amongst us by his Spirit, to redeem, refresh and empower us. Glad to be part of a community of deep belonging – where everyone is welcome, where we are united by our love for Jesus. Glad to be on the side of the true king, who guarantees the ultimate security of his people, even beyond death. And glad to find purpose in life through Jesus – living with an ultimate goal in Heaven, using what time we have to live lives of compassion, love, prayer and worship.

I’m glad to belong to Jesus’ church.