He is Risen!

He is Risen

Hope you had a great Easter break. Whether you got time with family, friends, time off work, don’t forget why this holiday exists – God sent his son to die for us, taking our place, paying in full for our sins. He went to the cross for us, the son of God voluntarily submitting to death so that we could go free. Three days later he came back to life, the confirmation that all things, death included, are subject to him. Jesus is the king of kings, the one who has all authority in Heaven and on Earth. The one who makes sense of your life, the one who calls you into something greater than the cares of this world, the one who lives and who wants you to have life in his name.

If you’re curious, find a Bible (you can read it online for free) and start out by having a read of Matthew, Mark, Luke or John. Get along to a local church this coming weekend and find out more about him. He is worth your time. Honestly, he’s worth everything you’ve got to give.

We’ve just released a video about Jesus, called ‘He Was and Is and Is to Come’ – also available as a book in the shop page. Take a look at the trailer below – the full video is 15 minutes long, less than the cost of a couple of coffees, and will point you to the one who is beyond price.