10 Reasons Jesus was the Ultimate Man: No. 5


Back to it, and the countdown continues. Ever been made to feel small and unmanly because your palette was too unrefined to detect those notes of oak-iness or cinnamon? Ever questioned your own virility upon agreeing that you can totally taste those subtle red berry highlights in your glass of merlot, when you’d honestly prefer a bottle of vimto? Jesus has never been in that situation. If you’re unsure, check out John 2:1-11. Jesus makes the best wine.

There’s a wedding, and the wine has run out. All they have to drink is boring old water, and it will not do – so Jesus miraculously turns over 120 gallons of water into the best wine the guests have ever tasted. That’s around 420 litres for those of us in the UK, or in other words an exorbitant quantity of high grade plonk. So much wine. Jesus was anything but boring.

To what end does he produce this extravagance? To point people to his true identity – Messiah, son of God, lord of creation. Nobody else can generate half a ton of wine from nothing but six big jugs of water, because that’s not something humans can do unless they’ve got some significant divine heritage. Nobody else can forgive sins for that matter, nor claim to be the only way to Heaven. Jesus is the ultimate man.