10 Reasons Jesus was the Ultimate Man: No. 10

1 of 10 reasons Jesus was the greatest dude in history

Jesus was a man. On this we can all agree. His divinity finds somewhat less common acceptance. Moving from this common ground, I’m starting a short series running down how he was not just a man, but actually the very pinnacle of manhood. The manliest fella who ever walked the dust of the Earth.

A disclaimer ahead of time: some of this might be just a little bit tongue in cheek.

So, number 1. Facial hair. Long the litmus test of chaphood, a full and rugged beard is an unassailable testament to the wearer’s man card. The Bible contains no explicit description of the man, but Jesus, raised a Jew, would have almost certainly had a sprouting of beardliness surrounding his mouth/chin/cheek region.

By any reckoning, a strong start – and the case only builds from here.