The Real United Kingdom

An advert for emigration to the kingdom of Heaven by Anchor Lines, a Christian webcomic

Citizenship in the Kingdom of Heaven requires no visa application or even a passport. There are no background checks – the government is already aware of the very worst about you, and loves you just the same.

There is no internal division with the Kingdom’s government, which uses a unique three in one power structure. There is also no difficulty in finding successive candidates for government, on the basis that the current leadership is immortal. In some parts of the world that might present a problem – however our government’s infinite duration is here coupled with an uncompromising and incorruptible moral centre, a love that exceeds human experience or understanding, and wisdom enough to make Einstein look like a drooling toddler.

National security and policing is taken care of by a highly trained angelic force with a perfect record in carrying out their government mandate without causing innocent casualties. No taxpayer funding is required to resource this force, nor ever will be. While at one time a mandatory 10% tax rate was in effect, for almost 2,000 years the country’s tax system has operated on an entirely voluntary basis.

If any of this has piqued your interest, why not look into visiting the Kingdom of Heaven yourself? Applications can be made in any location by lifting your gaze to the heavens and asking for more information. Alternatively, open up our widely available promotional literature and read.