Characters You Didn’t Know Were In the Bible

Characters You Didn't know were in the Bible - He-man

Have a read through the Old Testament, you never know who will show up. Case in point, I was reading through 1 Chronicles in my current trip through the Bible, and in what can sometimes be a bit of a dry book, who should show up but Prince Adam, guardian of the secrets of Castle Greyskull, and freshly minted musician in service of Yahweh. Ok, it’s possible I’m reading too much into this one, all the same if you’re a fan of He-man you might find more than a thing or two to interest you in the Bible. We’re talking about a history with:

– Long haired muscle men
– Swords and shields
– Castles
– Romance
– Intrigue!
– Characters who can fly
– Men at arms

Not to mention that the main character is a prince (Isaiah 9:6) who transforms from a regular looking guy (Isaiah 53:2) into an absolute powerhouse (Revelation 19:11-16) and who absolutely, undeniably, has the power (Matthew 28:18). He might just be worth a second look.