Abortion or Adoption?

Abortion or adoption?

1 – For sources, see this article in the Lancet

56 million induced abortions, every year. That’s a staggering number.

My intention in postng this is not to make the case against abortion Biblically, but to call people – whether you’re a Christian or not – to action. For those who care about those unborn lives – is God putting adoption or fostering on your heart? Either to take that leap yourself, or to consider donating financially to charities in your country that provide those services?

The Bible says in Ephesians 1 that if you’ve put your faith in Jesus, God has chosen you for adoption as a son or daughter in his family. Is it any wonder that such a powerful act of love towards another should capture something of the heart of God? I can’t say much about it from experience – my wife and I have two children, neither of them adopted. I can’t say that it’s the right choice for every would be parent. I can say that something in my heart leaps when I see or hear of children being adopted, and if God is stirring something in your heart in this area, the least you could do is spend some time praying about it.

And for those who are facing a tough decision on abortion – would you consider having the child and giving it up for adoption?

It would truly be a tragedy if pregnant mothers were willing to give up their child, only to find that there weren’t enough adoptive parents to provide that child with a loving home. There are Mother Teresas and George Mullers out there just waiting for God to give the gentle push that starts a mighty ball rolling. Will you pray and give God the chance to use you as he sees fit?