Psalm 23: The Lord is my Shepherd Illustrated

The Lord is my Shepherd - by Anchor Lines, a Christian Webcomic

One of the most famous Psalms – and about the first thing I’ve drawn since the arrival of our new baby. It’s been a fairly wearying few weeks, especially with a toddler already in the house, but we’ve been extremely blessed by our family and church family – with support ranging from prayer, to taking our daughter off our hands for the day, to having meals cooked for us.

At a time when sleep is all too rare for my wife and me, I was encouraged by the words in this short passage. God provides rest when we need it most, and peace when the cares of the world surround us. Our situation can hardly compare to the hardships that David, the psalm’s author suffered, and yet these words are no less applicable to our own lives. Whatever troubles you might be facing, take a moment to read those words through or pray them out to God, and see if your burdens don’t start to lift just a little.

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